Interview: The Sword Guy Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to talk about training, writing, community, and my intense love for fighting with two swords, with my friend Guy Windsor. His new podcast, The Sword Guy, was a real treat to participate in, and he's got a hell of a guest lineup already after only 5 episodes. You can find [...]

Open Letter Regarding Devon Boorman

The following collection of first-hand accounts and supporting documents is the combined work of Claire Wemyss, Sylvie LaRiviere, Jon Mills, Kris Meier, and myself. It details a series of incidents and patterns of behaviour spanning ten years that we believe demonstrate that Devon Boorman, director of Academie Duello, is a harmful influence in our community [...]

Happy Anniversary to FITMK

Today is the one-year anniversary of the publication of my book, Fear is the Mind Killer. In honour of this grand occasion, I'm addressing one of the fundamental weaknesses in my prior marketing of the print edition: it was far too pink, too soft, and too obviously-written-by-a-lady to reach the hardcore (TM) martial arts crowd. [...]