Interview: Randy King Live

I recently had a ton of fun as a guest on Randy King's debate- based podcast. His format is a neat challenge, and was a welcome change from the  usual “Who are you and what do you do?” interview. He brings on an interesting and knowledgeable guest, has them choose a contentious topic in self … Continue reading Interview: Randy King Live

Interview: Chivalry Today

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Scott Farrell of Chivalry Today about my recent book. We discussed the potential overlap between the teaching and training principles it advocates and chivalric values. Scott had some great questions for me, and it was a very good opportunity to look at familiar material from a new … Continue reading Interview: Chivalry Today

Interview: Talking to Savages

I'm the featured guest on the most recent episode of my friend Randy King's podcast, Talking to Savages, which profiles violence professionals, martial arts and self defense instructors, and other folks in unusual industries. Randy's a self defense instructor based in Edmonton, Alberta, and a super solid guy. It was great to chat with him … Continue reading Interview: Talking to Savages