No Such Thing as Unstructured Space

The trick to creating freedom to experiment, learn from error, and develop self-reliance, is a structure that actively supports those behaviors. I talk a lot about how you can't teach students to be independent thinkers and active problem-solvers if your class structure is built around obedience and rigid adherence to pre-set patterns. You also can't [...]


Tank Girl: "I can't let things be this way. We can be wonderful. We can be magnificent. We can turn this shit around."

See also: Rollins, Henry - "My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud." Optimism gets a bad rap as blind, passive acceptance of the way things are, or rose-tinted, hippy-dippy silver lining seeking that rejects the reality of bad situations. I don't see it that way. Optimism is the bone deep faith that you will [...]


I've had a complex relationship with adrenaline my whole life. I got into what some call "extreme sports" very young. At twelve, I started snowboarding religiously. I'd be on the slopes alone every weekend, pushing myself to go faster, to tackle harder terrain, to hit bigger jumps and longer rails. I loved nothing more than [...]