Tank Girl: "I can't let things be this way. We can be wonderful. We can be magnificent. We can turn this shit around."

See also: Rollins, Henry - "My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud." Optimism gets a bad rap as blind, passive acceptance of the way things are, or rose-tinted, hippy-dippy silver lining seeking that rejects the reality of bad situations. I don't see it that way. Optimism is the bone deep faith that you will [...]


I've had a complex relationship with adrenaline my whole life. I got into what some call "extreme sports" very young. At twelve, I started snowboarding religiously. I'd be on the slopes alone every weekend, pushing myself to go faster, to tackle harder terrain, to hit bigger jumps and longer rails. I loved nothing more than [...]

This Pride Season

I've always had an arms-length relationship with Pride. As a teenager who thought she was straight, I didn't think Pride was for me. My social circle was aggressively heterosexual and often consumed by petty teen rivalries over boys, and we saw Pride parades as cool things happening somewhere outside of our bubble of interests. I [...]