Running a martial arts club or school is about more than just technical knowledge. It involves a ton of soft skills, including communication, community management, conflict resolution, and planning. It’s not hard to find instructors who’ll help you dial in your left hook, or work out the fine details of your hip throw entry. But what about the other stuff?

I’ve helped colleagues across North America with resolving thorny interpersonal issues at their school; building policies and procedures for a new organization; identifying and filling gaps in existing processes that put vulnerable students at risk or make discipline difficult; attracting and retaining women and other minority student groups; and curriculum development.

My goal is to help you find solutions that suit your community, leadership style, and training goals, and to give you the tools you need to handle things on your own in the future.

I offer distance coaching via video call and email, and can travel to your organization and facilitate a workshop or give a talk to your staff team. Rates are flexible for low-income clients.

If you’re facing a challenge you need a hand with, or are not sure where to start with a new project, get in touch, and we’ll figure out exactly how I can help you get it done!