Running a martial arts club or fitness space is about more than just technical knowledge. It requires a ton of soft skills: communication, community management, planning, policy writing. It’s not hard to find an instructor who’ll help you dial in your left hook or polish your lifting form. But what about the other stuff?

I’ve helped colleagues around the world build better training spaces. Together, we’ve tackled challenges like:

  • building a Code of Conduct and other essential policies
  • addressing interpersonal issues between students, staff, or both
  • improving or creating new policies after an incident
  • finding and filling process gaps to better protect vulnerable students
  • attracting and retaining women and other minority student groups
  • curriculum development

My job is not to tell you how to make your school exactly like mine. I’m here to help you find solutions that suit your existing community, leadership style, and goals. I want to leave you with the tools to handle things on your own in the future.

How it Works

I book consulting sessions in 1-hour blocks. This lets us break problems down into manageable chunks and make sure that each piece gets the attention it deserves.

Each session is a video call where we discuss your topic in detail. I may also send you written notes or other resources. If we’re working on a document (e.g. Code of Conduct, curriculum, workshop plan), I may ask to review your draft before we meet. If we’re working on a big topic that takes a few sessions to get through, expect a bit of homework between sessions.

Get Started

Use the form below to book a free 20-minute intro video call. You can tell me what you need help with, and we can get to know each other and see if we click.

After our call, I’ll send you a quote with a breakdown of how I plan to tackle things and how many sessions I think we’ll need. If that looks good to you, we’ll book our first session and get to work! I’m always happy to work with low-income clients to figure out a solution that fits your budget.

Book your intro today and let me help you do your best work!