Da’mon Stith

Da’Mon Stith


Guild of the Silent Sword, Austin, TX

Da’Mon Stith’s martial arts training began at the age of 6 when his father gave him his first sword. He began his formal training at the age of 9 in Asian martial arts. He fell in love with history, philosophy, mythology, and their origins in warrior cultures. By the time he was 17, he had added African and Middle Eastern martial arts to his training.

Da’Mon is leader in the movement to study Historical African Martial Arts (HAMA). In a field where detailed written documents are rare, he has become a skilled researcher who combines historiography with experimental archaeology to reconstruct the arts of Africa and the African diaspora.

Da’Mon is the Chief Instructor and founder of Guild of the Silent Sword. He serves as president of the HAMA Arts Association. Under the banner of Street Forge Armoury, he makes training weapons for African and Asian sword arts.

His work includes digging into the roots of living traditions such as capoeira, which blends dance and fighting. At Dance Fight, you’ll get a chance to flow and play with him while connecting to a rich history.

Da’Mon’s Class

Nsanga: Battlefield Capoeira

Sunday, September 25th

Explore modern Capoeira and connect with its battlefield roots in the warrior dance called Nsanga. Da’Mon will show you what both movement arts have to offer sword fighters. You’ll push your balance, coordination, footwork, flexibility, and fluidity to the next level. You’ll also get a glimpse of how an art known for its displays of unarmed skill has a real connection to armed combat. This class will give you a powerful appreciation for the scope and range of Capoeira as both dance and fighting art—and give you one heck of a workout.