Kajetan Sadowski

Kajetan “Kaja” Sadowski


Kajaswords, Vancouver, Canada

Kajetan “Kaja” Sadowski is equal parts dumb jock and pedagogy nerd. He has spent a lifetime playing with movement and has been a physical instructor for 18 years. His work has included everything from recreational sports, to practical self defense, to professional use of force.

Kaja is equally comfortable with a sword in one hand, sword in two hands, dagger, and two swords. He co-owns Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly and has taught HEMA workshops across Canada, the US, and the UK.

His passion is helping students discover the power and joy of movement, and to (re)connect with their bodies. He believes that learning should be fun and that good community is essential to good martial arts.

His independent research, writing, and consulting work, via Kajaswords, aims to make core teaching and community-building skills widely accessible.

Kaja sees both dance and fighting as fundamental modes of human expression. He is the co-creator of Dance Fight, and still kinda can’t believe he gets to spend a whole weekend geeking out about all things movement.

Kajetan’s Class

Blues Dancing for Fun and Profit

Sunday, September 25th

Step into the roles of both lead and follow as you explore the concept of “frame” in blues dancing. Kaja will introduce you to this flexible and intuitive connection between partners. You’ll practice communicating and reading intent through contact, and apply the same skills to grappling and swordplay from the bind. By the end of this class, you’ll understand how much the lightest touch can tell you. You’ll also have a few new tricks up your sleeve for making any opponent follow your lead.