Let’s train together! I teach a weekly group class on the sword in two hands at Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly in Vancouver, BC, that welcomes both in-person and online students.

I am also available for private lessons in person, or remotely via video call.

I have worked with students of all backgrounds and ability levels, from self-professed “couch potatoes” to competitive athletes, and have extensive experience creating effective training for students with physical limitations and mental health challenges. I welcome clients of all genders and orientations. My focus is on meeting you where you are in life, uncovering your strengths, and making working hard really, really fun!

Topics I cover regularly include boxing/unarmed striking, historical swordplay (sword in one hand, sword in two hands, two swords, dagger), knife, self-defense, strength training, movement skills, and body mechanics.

My standard lesson rate is $50/hr. Patreon supporters at the “Distance Learning” tier get one discounted lesson a month at $40/hr, and sliding scale pricing is available for low-income students.

Contact me today to find out what I can do to help you grow!