Fear is the Mind Killer


A comprehensive guide for martial arts and self defense instructors who want to build safe, ethical, and effective training environments. Fear is the Mind Killer: How to Build a Training Culture that Fosters Strength and Resilience covers policy-writing, classroom strategies and culture-building, stress testing, and working with under-served populations such as women and survivors of violence.


How do we cultivate inner strength?

Martial arts and self defense are about so much more than physical skills. Learning to fight is a catalyst for growth. It makes our students stronger, more confident, and more resilient — at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Too often, the students who need that strength the most struggle to find it.

Learn how to build a training environment that helps all your students grow. Help them face their fears, grapple with failure, test themselves, and come out bigger than before.

Fear is the Mind Killer: How to Build a Training Culture that Fosters Strength and Resilience
will help you shape your training community. You’ll learn how motor learning and motivation actually work. You’ll get a window into the needs of all kinds of students, including vulnerable and under-served groups.

You’ll get concrete tools that help you put that knowledge to use. Write and enforce effective policies. Manage your classroom to support and empower diverse students. Design training exercises that incorporate play and problem-solving. Add pressure with stress testing activities.

This book is for all teachers, whether you’re building a new community or checking in on an existing one. It will help you ask the right questions and find the answers that make the most sense for you and your community. Practice activities and sample drills will make sure you’re on the right track as you work.

You know what your students need. Here’s how to get it to them.

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