No Such Thing as Unstructured Space

The trick to creating freedom to experiment, learn from error, and develop self-reliance, is a structure that actively supports those behaviors. I talk a lot about how you can't teach students to be independent thinkers and active problem-solvers if your class structure is built around obedience and rigid adherence to pre-set patterns. You also can't [...]

Learning vs Knowing

If I could give one single bit of teaching advice to everyone, it would be: Let your students do it wrong more often. I know it's hard. You want to help them. You want them to know what you know. You want them to do things right so that they can get more "good" reps [...]

Sliding Scale Pricing, by the Numbers

The following post was originally published on the Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly blog on July 30, 2019. When we tell other martial arts instructors and school owners that we offer sliding scale pricing for events at Valkyrie, one of the most common responses that we get is: "But don't you lose a lot of [...]