Masami Hoshino-Spafford, RMT, Trikinetic Massage Therapy

Kaja is an amazing instructor! They have an excellent understanding of body mechanics and the ability to convey their knowledge coherently and in a wide variety of ways, so students with all different communication styles can understand their training as they develop their physical and martial skills.

As a student of theirs who is also a registered massage therapist with over eight years of experience, I often pick up new exercises and demonstration techniques from Kaja’s classes to incorporate into my professional practice. 

For example, their “Sad Hand Puppets” and “Floop/Unfloop” exercises have real therapeutic value for the wrists and hips respectively, and are catchy and easy to remember. I’ve been told by multiple patients suffering from repetitive stress injuries to the wrist that Sad Hand Puppets allowed them to do their work pain-free, and been told that the Floop/Unfloop that I demonstrated was “the best stretching demo [the patient] has ever seen.”

If you’re looking for a martial arts class taught by someone who can make it truly accessible and work with your personal physical limitations while at the same time helping you push those limits just a little further, I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Kaja. Their classes are fantastic for bodies and brains.