The Team

Team Peacock is Kaja Sadowski and Matlock Hargrove. Kaja is a tall sword lady who teaches martial arts and self defense in Vancouver, BC. Matlock is a strong sword dude who teaches historical martial arts in Ottawa, ON.

They’re cute, they’re Canadian, and they don’t know the meaning of taking a joke too far.

They could also use some money for training gear, traveling to swordplay events, and sick tattoos. Won’t you toss them a coin?

The Project

It started with an anonymous post in an online “HEMA Confessions and Crushes” forum:

“Tall HEMA girls are a blessing and I want them to do that raise-chin-with-sword-tip to me every fucking day.”

It’s true, tall HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) girls are awesome. They’re also rare enough that they’d have their hands full tilting up every willing chin on a daily basis. So Team Peacock decided to give the world the next best thing: killer photos of a tall HEMA girl doing that raise-chin-with-sword-tip thing, with some help from a cute boy.

And here we are — an impromptu photoshoot later and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Toss a Coin, Get Some Pics

Alright, here’s how it works: order any one of the exciting photo packages below, and get your digital files by email within 24 hours or so. Every image comes in both full colour and black and white. Every tier also includes all of the photos from the tier(s) below it (so, for example, $10 gets you all of the pictures from the “Hold on, We Found a Shiny!”, “No, Wait. This is Better!”, and “Is This How It’s Supposed to Work?” tiers, in both colour and black and white).

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Is This How It’s Supposed to Work?

There's a dude. There's a lady. There's a foam sword. That's all we need, right?


No, Wait. This is Better.

There's still a dude. And a lady. And a foam sword. But something is different, and we think you'll like it more.


Hold on, We Found a Shiny!

There's a dude. There's a lady. There's a beautiful, sharp smallsword. There's a hell of a lot of atmosphere.


Whoops! Where’d His Shirt Go?

Everything we had before, with a little less clothing. This tier includes a trio of images: a paired shot, plus point-of-view solo pictures of both our dude and our lady.


Super Mega Special Valentine’s Extravaganza!

Everything from our "Whoops! Where'd His Shirt Go?" tier, plus behind-the-scenes pictures and a spectacular set of three print-your-own Valentines. Give your special someone a gift they'll never forget!