Mockup of Fear is the Mind Killer cover

My non-fiction book for martial arts and self defense instructors will be releasing in Spring 2019!

Learn how to turn any training space into a community that not only welcomes all comers, but turns everyone who shows up and puts the work in into a genuine badass. Contents include:

  • An overview of sport science and coaching theory that illustrates the value of failure and chaos as training tools, and shows how they are central to building resiliency
  • Policies and high-level structures that give your students the safety net they need to really push themselves, and let you get on with teaching
  • Classroom tools that build trust; allow flexibility, variation, and fun without sacrificing control of the group; and cultivate the self-reliance and internal regulation students need to get the most out of their training
  • Stress testing and stress inoculation tools that put the right kind of pressure on students, and allow them to experience high-stakes situations that build their confidence in their own skills without unreasonable risk
  • Tips for training women, and addressing the social pressures and myths that stack training environments against them
  • Tips for training students with a history of violence and psychological trauma, and accommodating and challenging them without causing harm
  • Drills, exercises, and further reading for integrating this new training approach into your existing curriculum

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