At-Home Mobility

This two-part series covers simple, low-gear exercises that will help you maintain your range of motion and keep your major joints moving properly during periods of low activity. Perfect for folks who are working from home, self-isolating, or just have a super busy desk job.

Creepspotting 101

A quick, free guide to body language cues that can help you tell if someone is feeling trapped in a social situation, and may be the target of a predator. Made in concert with Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly as part of a community safety initiative within the historical martial arts community.

KS Vlog

The KS Vlog is an ongoing, informal video series that tackles issues of pedagogy and training, aimed at both students and instructors. Join me as I share some of my favourite exercises and teaching structures and discuss broader issues in martial arts and self defense. I’ve shared the first episode here for free, and additional episodes are available to all supporters of my Patreon, beginning at $1/month.

Valkyrie Fitness Bits

I made this video series with my school in 2015 in order to quickly introduce our core gymnastic strength training exercises to a larger audience. It’s a little old now, but still a great starting point for getting a handle on bodyweight strength basics. Make sure to click through the link under each video for the accompanying blog post, which includes detailed explanations and troubleshooting.