Kaja’s study and knowledge of human interaction, beyond just her excellent technical, martial know how, is worth her weight in gold. Her ability to make otherwise awkward topics approachable and comfortable is an incredible gift. She communicates concepts clearly, and without judgement, while also highlighting the need for logical, forceful response when it’s appropriate. Overall, she is a bulwark against ignorance in use-of-force, and a standard bearer for self-defense.

She’s also a hell of a dancer.

John Crum, Martial Artist/Retired Police

Kaja is the quality of teacher that makes you want to move to a different country just so you can train more with them. Kaja teaches in a way that is accessible to anyone, on any day. If you aren’t feeling top notch, she will work with you to make sure you get the most out of her class you can. The book Fear is the Mind Killer is a must have for any martial arts instructor. The chapters on understanding fear were especially useful to me as, due to several privileges, I haven’t had to confront those situations. Now I can recognize signs in my students and help create a space where they feel safe enough to participate and better themselves.

Alex Spreier, Instructor, High Desert Armizare