Video: Creepspotting 101

There have been some great follow-up discussions around my last post. One of them highlighted a common and critical knowledge gap: someone looks at an interaction between two people, spots what might be inappropriate or creepy behaviour, but can't tell if the target is distressed or okay with what's happening. This is especially challenging if … Continue reading Video: Creepspotting 101

To Catch a Predator Early

In the past week, Mishaël Lopes Cardozo, swordplay instructor, competitor, and film performer, has been outed as a serial sexual harasser and abuser. Dozens of women and men have shared accounts of his behaviour, which ranges from making grossly inappropriate and derogatory comments to women he was teaching at events, to physical assault (including deliberately … Continue reading To Catch a Predator Early

Interview: Randy King Live

I recently had a ton of fun as a guest on Randy King's debate- based podcast. His format is a neat challenge, and was a welcome change from the  usual “Who are you and what do you do?” interview. He brings on an interesting and knowledgeable guest, has them choose a contentious topic in self … Continue reading Interview: Randy King Live

“Fear is the Mind Killer” is now available!

Front cover image of Fear is the Mind Killer: How to build a training culture that fosters strength and resilience

My book, Fear is the Mind Killer: How to Build a Training Culture that Fosters Strength and Resilience, is now available in both paperback and ebook editions! ORDER NOW! This project began almost exactly two years ago, over a sushi lunch with Guy Windsor. As we were catching up, he casually asked my why I … Continue reading “Fear is the Mind Killer” is now available!