Disposable Women and Martial Arts: An Essay in Two Parts

Green Lantern discovers his dead girlfriend in a fridge

I originally wrote this piece as two separate Facebook posts, published a few days apart. The first was a very personal vent about some of what I've been dealing with over the past few months, and the second a concrete call to action for folks in my martial arts community. I'm sharing both here in … Continue reading Disposable Women and Martial Arts: An Essay in Two Parts

Open Letter Regarding Devon Boorman

The following collection of first-hand accounts and supporting documents is the combined work of Claire Wemyss, Sylvie LaRiviere, Jon Mills, Kris Meier, and myself. It details a series of incidents and patterns of behaviour spanning ten years that we believe demonstrate that Devon Boorman, director of Academie Duello, is a harmful influence in our community … Continue reading Open Letter Regarding Devon Boorman

Not Seeing Difference

One of my favourite parts of this year's Swordsquatch was being on the Making HEMA Awesome for Everyone panel with my fantastic colleagues Isaiah Baden-Payne, Beth Hammer, and Shane Malone. The goal was to talk about diversity and inclusion in the HEMA community in concrete, actionable terms, and to share our success stories of building … Continue reading Not Seeing Difference

Come find me at Swordsquatch!

The biggest event in the Pacific Northwest's HEMA calendar is coming up soon, and I'm going to be very, very busy. If you're in the Seattle area between September 6th and 8th, you can find me at Swordsquatch 2019! I've been teaching at this event every year since 2016, and have had the pleasure of … Continue reading Come find me at Swordsquatch!